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We are one of the world's largest clothing and housewares consignment
Consignors love A SECOND LOOK.  And our shoppers know that we feature some
of the best  brand-name fashions and designer labels.  We are always looking for
top quality consignments!  It is not hard to start a consignment account.  Above
all, it is fun and easy to make money the consignment way. We would be glad to
show you how.

We accept consignment drop-off from 9:00AM to 6:00PM Monday through
Saturday. Please read the following important consignor information. If you have
further questions about consignment at A SECOND LOOK, we recommend that
you call our help line for detailed information: (602) 992-1916 (ext 8)


Please bring housewares to our consignment drop-off desk.


If you represent a clothing manufacturer, dealer, or retailer, please call: (602) 992-
1916 (ext 216) for special policies regarding retail consignments and to set up a
meeting time with our consignment department.

(Please note: in order to comply with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement
Act, we currently do not sell children's toys or clothing. For more information
about the CPSC Enforcement Policy For New Lead Limits In Children's Products
Effective February 10, 2009, see: CPSC)


We accept seasonal clothing items beginning on the first day of the following

Spring-season clothing
Summer-season clothing
Summer-season clothing
Fall-season clothing
Fall-season clothing
Winter-season clothing (lightweight coats only)
Winter-season clothing (all coats, furs, and ski apparel)


Our policy and guidelines for clothing consignments brought in to our consignment
processing department are as follows:

1. Consignors will be accepted on a membership basis for an annual fee of $10
per year. This fee will be an automatic deduction from your account on the
anniversary of your membership. The initial $10 membership fee will be deducted
from your account within 3 days of the date of this contract. In addition, a drop-off
fee of $2.50 will be charged to your account each and every time a consignment
is brought in, regardless of size.

2. All items brought in for consignment must be clean, in season, in style, and in
excellent condition. All items must be brought in ironed and on hangers, as
wrinkles do not sell! Our job is to sell clothes, not clean or repair them. Your job is
to bring us clothing in a condition to be sold. Please do not bring your clothes in on
hangers which need to be returned. If you would like wire hangers, we can supply
you with all that you need prior to or at the time you bring in your consignment.

3. Your consignment will go through our Processing Assembly Line, which
includes several inspections. Our first Processor inspects for very obvious
problems--very bad condition, out-of-style, inexpensive brands, etc. Any items that
are rejected and donated at this stage will not be itemized on your list. Only the
number of items donated will be noted on your drop-off record. The remaining
items go through several more stages, which include thorough inspections,
changing hangers, determining sizes, entering into the computer, pricing, and a
final inspection before going onto the sales floor. Items found during processing
that are not suitable for consignment will be rejected. Reasons why items may be
donated include the following: clothes are out of season, need cleaning or
mending, have spots, are out of style, etc. In addition, any items that have been
accepted for consignment will be donated for the following reasons:

i) Items are considered to be expired after being in the store 70 days and have not
ii) Due to change of season, an item is no longer "in season";
iii) For any other reason the item is deemed not saleable.

Any items donated will be donated in your name, for which you may pick up a
Donation Tax Receipt after January 15th for the preceding year.

4. We determine pricing. When items are sold, you will receive 40% of the selling
price. Our price tags are dated. The date on the tag is the date that the item is put
out in the store. After it has been out for 30 days, the price is reduced by 25%,
after 45 days, 50% and 60 days 75% (our statistics show that 74% of the items
we process do sell at full price). Any item not sold will be donated. You may pick
up a check for money due Monday through Saturday from 9:00PM until 6:00PM,
or you may use credit that you have on your account to purchase merchandise in
our store, in any department, any day, any time during normal store hours.

5. From time to time A SECOND LOOK may, at its own discretion, decide to "fix"
an item rather than donate it, or to "hold" an item that is out of season, rather than
donate it. Due to the increased costs incurred by A SECOND LOOK in the way of
employee costs to fix an item or storage costs for holding, your consignment
percentage, on these items only, will be 35%.

6. A SECOND LOOK does not accept jewelry on consignment.

7. Management will not call when items have expired or sold. You must assume
responsibility for checking on the status of your consignment. Management will
take reasonable care of all merchandise, but responsibility for theft, damage from
fire, water, etc., will not be assumed. items brought in for consignment must be
clean, in season, in current style, and in excellent condition (new or almost new). 
Consignments are taken either by appointment or on a drop-off basis

8. You may call to check on your account at any time during normal business
hours of 9:00AM to 9:00PM Monday through Saturday and 12:00PM to 5:00PM
Sunday. For your convenience, you may also check your account balance online at
any time; please speak to a representative at A SECOND LOOK to create a login
account for our consignor web site.

Questions about consignment at A SECOND LOOK?  Please call our help line for
detailed information:  (602) 992-1916 (ext 8)
SUN 12-5
SUN 12-5

10620 N 32ND ST

(602) 992-1916
SUN 12-5
SUN 12-5

10620 N 32ND ST

(602) 992-1916